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Your Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

Gemini, you're taken over by melancholy


Gemini, you have to take time to reflect. In relationships, you're feeling extremely sensitive. Today you're taken over by melancholy.

It's not easy to be who you are, because you've got volatile personality traits. You live on an emotional roller coaster.

Find help to manage your emotions. Have an alternative plan ready for hard times. Design a way to distract yourself or escape, and avoid overanalyzing circumstances, Gemini.

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The Stars foresee an auspicious day today. In terms of fortune, it's an excellent stage to map out new plans. When it comes to business, your mind suddenly becomes crystal clear.

Forget about past mistakes and focus on the present. You've got enough potential to reach for the stars, Gemini. The current planet transition will bring a backup for project takeoffs.

Thinking and then taking action is the winning combo. Don't get stuck in place with your thoughts. The zodiac wheel is flying over you, so you've got no better stage than this.


There's going to be some rumble at work today. Professionally speaking, an incident will turn the workplace upside down today. Watch out, your colleagues will be ready to pounce.

You could be blamed for getting the conflict started. Defend your positions, Gemini. You've made it clear several times that you're strong enough.

Don't let them take advantage of your rebellious spirit to blame you. Answer only to the actions you've done yourself. It's a matter of dignity.

You're smarter than this, those who tried to harm you will be punished.


Your friends will help you escape melancholy today, Gemini. Music and laughter can heal. Have a meet-up at your place and enjoy their company.

The wind will sweep the sorrow away.


Come closer to nature today. The earth will help you heal your soul. The constant howling of thoughts back and forth will make you lose your mind.

Find a sense of balance among plants. You need to step on firm ground and root in, Gemini. Fire will give you the warmth you need.

Water will relax your body. Find a balance between the four elements.