Gemini Horoscope Sunday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, September 6, 2020: Watch your back from false friends

If your intuition speaks to you of betrayal or perfidy, don't turn a deaf ear


There are some people in your environment who aren't your friends, and yet you persist in ignoring the warning signal given by your intuition

Protecting yourself from the evil of others will also protect your partner. You shouldn't trust your secrets or any information about your movements or your good or bad news.

For the natives of the third deanery of the Gemini sign, the Moon's Node of karma presents them with a willingness to receive good news regarding romantic life.

Mercury just entered the air sign, Libra, who predisposes the twins to dialogue with frankness and harmony within the realm of romance and the relationship.

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Money is the only tool that helps you have what you need to live and shouldn't be a problem for you or anyone else, but on the contrary, many times you wake up thinking about whether you are doing things right in terms of finances, especially if you have trusted to make investments in areas you don't really know how they work.

The tendency to spending money is seen in the heavenly landscape as a problem that will have harsher consequences in the future.

Gemini, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to learn how to save the old-fashioned way - you'll be more in control of your money if you keep it in a safe place at home.

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For this first Sunday of the month, you won't lack the energy and the will to live.  You make everyone happy in your presence and therefore you will have the affection of your friends and family. But don't overdo it with enthusiasm, lest you have an accident. A slip inside the house, a bad step on the stairs can end up in an injured ankle.

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