Gemini Tuesday on a sky background with shooting stars

Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, April 6, 2021: Airs of freedom blow in your working life

The good astral energy will encourage you to follow paths of greater professional independence


You live a few days in which emotional learning occupies a large space in your mind. The Moon in the sign of Aquarius invites you to learn a lot about your personality and to assume as natural your desire for freedom.

Do you want to be more authentic, Gemini? Start today.  Don't stop expressing what you feel and think. Beauty and creativity are the essential motivations that connect you with your soul, and you shouldn't abandon the activities that bring well-being to your inner self.

Gemini, your intuition and the perception you have of the world is special at this time. You have taken a very big step in your way of making contact with love and today it's time to assert your feelings.

Whether you're one of those who is lonely or you're one of the natives who is in a long-term relationship, today your willingness to share your life and your projects with your lover will give great results.


A social gathering or participation in groups could open up a new world for many Gemini natives. Today, you'll make contact with people who can add a lot to your professional life. Starting a friendship with individuals different from those you usually deal with will give you a new feeling and a strange sense of freedom in your professional life.

Jupiter in good aspect will give you an optimistic outlook.

If you can seek support from friends or colleagues of the sign of Aries and Capricorn, they will push you to move forward in an important project for your development. Especially those ventures that have to do with personal aesthetics and fashion.


This Tuesday, the vital energy of Gemini sign natives will be excessive. You'll have a lot of work and you'll spend a day that will end with great irritability and tension. Watch your blood pressure. Make sure you get some rest.

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