Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, September 5, 2020: It's your lucky day!

There are days when everything seems to go smoothly and today will be one of them


Gemini, your heart's beating so hard. The rhythm of love will drive you crazy with joy on this beautiful Saturday.

You're entering a time of change in the way you see love bonds. Your regent is influencing in an optimal way the relationships of the natives of the first deanery. For many, love will be the way to bring heaven into your hands.

You'll be able to dream again of a fresh and fun relationship. Imagine a life that lives up to your good nature.

The natives of your sign who are single can take for granted that a wave of fresh and revitalizing romance is coming to spice up everyday life. It isn't good to abuse your charms, the best thing is to go slowly and find the right person.

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It's a perfect day to find out what your wishes are. The configurations of the stars in the sky show a day of much luck and brilliant ideas.  If you trust in the Universe you'll receive abundant samples of the blessings you enjoy and that you don't always value. It's time to change your ideas about money and what it represents in your life.

If you're one of those Gemini who is starting an independent project or enterprise, it's an excellent day to visualize your goals. Meditation is a perfect way to bring the energy of abundance 

Perhaps writing down your goals for a year or two and the steps you must take to get there can be very enriching and encouraging.

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At night, there's the possibility that Mars in conjunction with Lilith invites you to party and sexual activity. Parties go hand in hand with excesses.

Gemini, try to moderate yourself. There's a lot to be tempted by but remember that you feel terrible afterwards.