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Your Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

Gemini, start from scratch


Gemini, your Horoscope instills encouragement in you today. In the sentimental sphere, look for ways to release negative emotions. Avoid holding grudges.

Forget the past and start anew. You can't imagine the relief that will come over your spirit! Learn to enjoy life with its lights and shadows.

The ocean of feelings doesn't remain calm for too long. Be grateful for the onslaught of the waves that shake the atmosphere. Work on your relationship with yourself.

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Today the Stars recommend that you keep a cool mind. As far as fortune is concerned, new beginnings are coming. Make use of all your instincts, Gemini, this is no time to have your head in the clouds.

On this day profess the habit of cold showers. It will increase your mental power and bring your attention back to the present - no doubt about it!

Meditation will help you reduce anxiety and deal with challenges calmly. Reflect on your goals and objectives.


Gemini, your Horoscope supports your dreams. In the professional field, the Stars conspire to grant you the longings of your soul. A cosmic channel of possibilities opens up.

Don't waste this opportunity, Gemini. On this day, contemplate the professional prospects, where do you want to go?

If you don't set a course, you'll get lost in no man's land. Activate your emotional intelligence resources. Life will give you all you need to fulfill your purpose.

Pay attention to the role of the masters.


Gemini, today a visit from a good friend will help you put your life in perspective. You're happier than you think.

Focus on what you already have, instead of complaining about your shortcomings.


Take care of your back. Avoid carrying heavy objects. If you plan to relocate, ask for help.

It would be advisable to strengthen your muscles. Try the Pilates method to improve your posture. You'll breathe better, and your mood will change.

As always, perseverance is the key to success, Gemini. Acquire the discipline necessary to increase your quality of life.