Gemini Horoscope Thursday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, November 5, 2020: Saving is not too difficult this time...

You'll discover that there are many ways to heal the same ailment and you'll want to experiment with an alternative therapy


The day begins full of excitement and love for the children of Mercury who continue to receive love from their loved ones through positive placements in the sign of Libra. The presence of the planet of dialogue and communication (Mercury) in this position brings a greater understanding and openness of mind to listen to what your partner is saying without feeling that there's bad energy on their part or a complaint. Long term relationships will elevate their vision of a common future and reach very promising agreements.

If you're looking for a new love, this is a time when you'll most likely meet a person who will make you fall in love, Gemini. Participating in social gatherings will lead you to meet an interesting candidate and share a story of love and pleasure trips.

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You like to learn new ways of working and your curiosity often leads to advances in many professional matters. Your curiosity has even taken you further than you might have imagined when you were a child. You can show your most sparkling and cheerful side to attract new customers to your business or service.

You have the strength to make changes in your finances, perhaps  the day has come when you can leave behind a habit that demanded a set expense.

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If you've been feeling weak or without energy, today you can rely on the astral vibrations that drive the improvement of various ailments. You could benefit from some alternative therapy. There are many innovations in the area of health that work with the force of nature.

Herbalism can also help you with the improvement of your health through the intake of some of the more traditional herbs. Ask your naturopathic doctor.