The sign of Gemini with a black starred background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, March 5, 2021: It's your lucky day

The alignment of your ruler with the planet of abundance and fortune, Jupiter, will provide you with protection in all areas


Gemini, this Friday you'll feel the tenderness within your heart thanks to the subtle energies of the Sun and Venus, both planets in the sign of Pisces unfolding their vibration.

The relationship feels calm and you'll vibrate in a pleasant state of communion.  Goodwill in mutual understanding is fundamental if you wish to live in harmony. Enjoy the well-being provided by the stars this Friday. It's something very much desired and that now arrives.

With your fun and playful character, you'll be able to spread your good energy to everyone you come in contact with. In your presence, they can relax and even share some confidences. You provide security and support.

Those who are in a relationship can trust that through a few conversations they will be reconciled. Be grateful for the good fortune of having that special person in your life.

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Many natives will discover a new hobby this Friday. Thanks to the fact that your ruler, the planet Mercury is in excellent alignment with Jupiter, today will be a lucky day. The good energy of this precious astrological conjunction will attract to your hands the most pleasant blessings of the Cosmos and will turn your material life into something you've ever dreamed of.

It will be very important that you don't fall into lazy or complacent attitudes because it's a perfect time to shine in total perfection. The opportunities that present themselves are unique, especially the natives of the second decan enjoy this astral vibration.

The lucky number for this day for the natives of the sign of Gemini is 21. This number urges you to be creative and confident in your good fortune to achieve the success you are looking for.


You'll find it easier to have calmer and more orderly habits and therefore it's more feasible to achieve balance in your health. If you get orderly, you'll achieve great benefits and achieve greater well-being.

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