Daily Gemini Horoscope for Sunday, June 5, 2022

Gemini, work on patching up contradictions


Gemini, your Daily Horoscope encourages you to grow up. You're permanently unsatisfied, and your partner finds it nearly impossible to meet your crazy expectations. Come down to earth and be more reasonable, show your thankful and humble side instead.

Your nice and sweet side are lovely, so why be so distant? You're afraid of being left out alone, but your attitude drives your beloved away. Work on smoothing out those contradictions before it's too late.


Gemini, consider new and hopeful beginnings. Your abundance is closely linked to satisfying your curiosity, so you should reflect on the desire in your soul. Don't miss out on new growth opportunities, you need it more than ever.

Repetitive work is not for you. Think about it, what versatile jobs could you be doing? Perhaps a position connected to travelling? You want freedom to fly with the wind. There's no need to give out any explanations on what you do.


Gemini, the Daily Horoscope for today sees there's a tinge of dissatisfaction. Professionally speaking, you could be stuck at a position you're not happy about. Be patient, because it's a time for adjustments; there's invisible strings starting to get pulled to satisfy your deepest needs.

Meanwhile, find a way to channel your oral expression; you not only have great summoning power, but plenty of natural charm as well. Have you considered acting? If you feel that tingly vibe about it, go straight ahead. You might connect with the start of a real passion. 


Gemini, look into the mirror. The image there is a reflection of your twin. Use this as a chance to know yourself better. Read the part of you that rules over the day. Who says you can't change it? You've got full power over what happens. Your emotions and thoughts are no more than guides. Choose what you want and act accordingly. When it comes to social circles, show the best version of yourself.    


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