Gemini Horoscope for Friday

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, February 5, 2021: Winds of hope

If you have a creative and patient attitude you will achieve many of your intellectual goals


Since you have changed some attitudes towards your partner you have gained confidence and respect. The change has been so great and positive that you don't even believe it. What hasn't changed is your sense of freedom and this Friday you don't want anyone to take credit for criticizing your life choices, not even your partner.

You'll discover that many people in your immediate environment judge your choices and actions and attribute rights to themselves out of place. The Moon in the sign of Scorpio won't help with its insidious energy. The most favorable thing in these cases is to remain firm in your convictions and ignore any gossip or rumor that reaches your ears.

If you're single, the stars indicate the possibility of starting an affair with someone younger or very youthful-looking. It will be a relationship that you'll want to keep secret for a while.

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The accumulation of astral energy in the sign of Aquarius continues to help in many aspects the natives of the sign of Gemini. This sign of Air receives positive influences from Jupiter and Venus. This is an alignment that you won't always be able to enjoy, only every twelve years you receive this astral glow in your area related to studies and intellectual growth, so you could be living a unique moment from which you should take everything that it brings to you.

If you're planning a trip or moving to a foreign country things couldn't be better. The stars bring a wind of hope.


The stars indicate good health for the children of the sign of the twins for today, especially for those who know how to keep their impulses under control and remain attached to their ideas instead of their emotions.

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