The Gemini sign surrounded by stars

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, December 5, 2020: Communication with those you love will be important today

A good conversation cheers the soul and builds better relationships for the future


It's a perfect day for communication and meetings between siblings. If you have issues to resolve with them, it's a good day to iron out all the rough edges and leave behind any problems you have in order to give more value to the virtues and feelings you have for each other.

You're a person who tends to easily leave behind a grudge, but not everyone has the ability of an emotional intelligence genius. Therefore, Gemini, it's important that you give space to a transcendent dialogue in which you express your feelings with freedom and depth.

The natives who don't have siblings will live a similar situation with cousins or friends who are very important to them.

Relationships will remain in the background because priority will be given to resolving differences with those closest to you.

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To achieve your wishes you'll probably need the help of people who are part of your most intimate circle. By believing in your ability you'll increase the possibility of success and of others joining you in your dreams.

Many of your professional blocks are born from a bad feeling you have had since childhood. Maybe someone you trusted has been trying too hard for you. It's not always easy to detect where fear is born, but it will be worth thinking a little bit about who the saboteurs have been.

By believing in yourself, the confidence of those around you grows and with it, the project you have in hand will move forward.


For this Saturday, the stars indicate good energies in terms of health for the natives of your sign.   Your physical well-being will have great interaction with your spiritual health. You'll feel that you have all the conditions to make an inner change.

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