Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, July 4, 2020: A new project brings enthusiasm

So much work and hope for the future can lead you to forget about taking care of your body


The energy of the eclipse that is about to happen in the Cancer and Capricorn zone of the zodiac will affect the communication of the natives of your sign. It will be intense and you'll want to show some secrets that were hidden in your heart and for some reason, you can not share easily. Leaving behind these mysteries will give you a tool to approach the person you love with greater ease.

Gemini, it's a good day to set new goals together with your partner. If you are living together, issues related to home, to the changes you can make together can help to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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Consistency is not a characteristic of your personality, Gemini,  but you can lean on the need to build a better future for your professional life to increase that gift in you.

Today will might triumph over reluctance. You will be able to give up some responsibilities that were weighing you down.

The natives of the Gemini sign will have communication as their main motivation and it is possible that developing a strategy to advertise a small business will excite them and take up a good part of the day.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign this Saturday is 38.  This number invites you to cultivate beauty and diplomacy to achieve your goals. Taking care of the details will be essential to achieve a greater scope.


You'll have difficulty perceiving the needs of your body.

Lack of rest, hunger and thirst may be throbbing, and your ability to abstract will prevent you from connecting with it.

Taking care of your needs should be the first thing to do. You're the most important thing in your life, don't forget that.  Start the day thinking about what is best for you today.