Gemini Horoscope for Thursday

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, February 4, 2021: You'll wish for more freedom

Keeping your diet balanced is more important than you think. Start addressing this issue before it's too late


Today you're blessed by the wanderings of the goddess Venus who is located in the first degrees of the first decan of Aquarius, an air sign and brings greater freedom in relationships for the natives of the sign of Gemini. This planet will provide you with a positive understanding of other ways of love that may not seem easy to carry out but will be very consistent with your inner feeling. The issues of love will unfold in such a way that you'll feel a new era begin.

If you're in a long-term relationship, you know that things don't always flow and so it's good to give air to breathe and keep it clear. Take some personal time.

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What you desired is being achieved with less effort than imagined. It's much simpler when the astral winds summon one to go forward without conflict.

Success isn't always difficult to achieve even though you've been taught the opposite idea of effort and difficulty; it's a matter of being in tune with your karmic mission.

If you're looking for a job, pay attention to the ads on the internet, you might find yourself with an excellent opportunity.

The lucky number for the natives of the sign of the twins today is 34, this is a number that invites to the innovation, you're very sparkling and creative, for that reason, great ideas will arrive with respect to the economic life, with new ways to discover. Let your soul be guided by the energy of this magical number that drives you to connect with your mission in the world.


The stars show a tendency to intestinal irregularity and lower abdominal pain. For that reason today it's essential for you to take care of what you eat, avoid cheese, dairy products and refined flours that could affect the intestinal transit.

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