The sign of Gemini with a black starred background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, December 4, 2020: Remember that there are trains that only go by once

Working with your own inner self will help you take more responsibility for your relationships


For this Friday, the stars indicate unfavorable energy for those natives who are single. Many opportunities will be unraveled for reasons beyond your control and the dream date seems to disappear as if by the evil art of witchcraft.

Shaking off that energy from your body and heart will be essential if you want to attract loving opportunities, it isn't favorable to hold a negative mood for long, a smile is the best option to achieve your dreams.

Most of the day, you may have to deal with the darker side of your personality that draws you in.  Gemini, you'll feel the desire to stay at home, sheltered in those little things that give you security such as your couch or your bedtime reading.

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Of all the signs, you're the one with the most skills to move in different professional fields without suffering so much the adaptation to them. You can be working in a store today and working in a radio tomorrow and this is because of your curious nature. That's why you will have a unique opportunity to work with someone that will arouse all your admiration. Don't close yourself to the unknown, there are great changes for you that you shouldn't let go of.

If you're the type of mercurial native that likes to acquire new knowledge every time, you might have the possibility to start a new course online. Special training that will help you achieve a better performance in everything you do.


This Friday, take care of your liver and stomach from possible poisoning. If you're going to eat the leftovers that are kept in your fridge, check that they are still edible. Many times food gets contaminated inside the refrigerator and develops colonies of bacteria and fungi that can do you a lot of harm.

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