Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, October 31, 2020: The magic is within you

Destiny is waiting for you to be joyfully predisposed to receive everything you want


Today is the full moon of a night of magical traditions and ancestral journeys. The natives of your sign will feel that there's something in their love life that is hidden from their eyes and needs to be illuminated.

Gemini, it's a perfect time to evaluate if your ancestral customs prevent you from being who you really want to be or if there's something in your ancestors that stands between you and your happiness. For many Geminis, it will be the day to fearlessly express what you feel for someone close, declaring love with seriousness and depth of feeling may not be easy for many of Mercury's children, but tonight will be unique.

If you are single this will be your magical night.

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You're going in the right direction in terms of your professional and financial interests. Even if you doubt many times about your ability to deal with financial matters, this Saturday, you'll know that you have taken the right path.

If you have been thinking about a plan of action and you still haven't developed it, the stars encourage you to look for the tools to make it happen.

This is an excellent time for those who want to start a business or investment venture.

Look for the success you dream of. Don't waste your time and take the energy of the full moon in Taurus that propels you to economic realization.

If you want you can perform a ritual for abundance in all aspects of your life. Light a white candle and ask your guardian angels to lead you by the hand to the best path to fulfill your purposes. 

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Your health is in balance. If you're waiting for test results there could be a delay, but don't worry, Gemini. Impatience won't help and will instead create more stress with its inevitable negative consequences.

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