Gemini Horoscope for Wednesday

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, March 31, 2021: Romanticism and confusion

The presence of the Moon in Scorpio could incline some natives to show themselves in a presumptuous or haughty way


Within your group of friends, a person will show a very noticeable interest in you. They look at you with admiration and whenever they can they will talk to you in a way that allows you to perceive what they feel. You could be mistaken for a friend, however, you may also like him or her and you hadn't realized it before.  These are confusing times as far as feelings are concerned. Neptune in bad cosmic aspect leads you to fantasies. The attitude you take with respect to their words and the gestures you return can give birth to a different love from all the ones you have experienced so far.

Lean on your affable and friendly character to give a touch of joy and growth to your affective life, Gemini.


Take advantage of the day to take care of your work obligations, otherwise, you'll be surprised by an unforeseen event that can leave you out of the race.

Organizational skills will be essential, you can make a list of priorities and try to do everything by six o'clock in the evening. Then, you'll have time for other less routine and more creative matters, Gemini.

Mars in your sign will help you with the energy you need for today.  You may have to put up with aggressive and ill-mannered people who confront you for trifles. If you react in any way, you'll be feeding their truth.

Natives of the second decan can be enlightened by the effects of the Sun and Venus in sextile aspect to Mars which favors achieving your goals in collaboration with others who have a good professional attunement.

Beware of emotional reactions in the professional field, they will leave you in a bad situation.


If you're feeling any discomfort it will be very important to rule out any problems. Make a doctor's appointment. Knowing that you're in good health is priceless. Once you have a medical check-up you'll have peace of mind.

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