Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, January 31, 2021: You're in a great mood today

Clearing the stagnant energy from your home will be very auspicious and revitalizing, you will enjoy this task


It's a special Sunday in which the romantic dream and the desires of poetry and beauty will be the main tone and who wouldn't like to be at your side with that beautiful mood, Gemini?

Your partner will enjoy your tenderness and you'll be able to express with clarity and sweetness your feelings and also your needs regarding living together.

If you're a native of the sign of the twins and you're single, today might be the day when you meet that person that you were waiting for. The Moon in opposition to Neptune will help you with its halo of mystery and magic to perceive if it's the person you should give your heart to.

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Tidying up the desk drawers can be a lot of fun if you take it in stride and with patience.  It's a good day to devote the energy available to start clearing out useless objects  and annoying papers from all your personal spaces.

Cleaning out your computer files is also important, sorting out your cell phone photos into folders and removing everything that is no longer useful will be the best way to prepare for the success that is to come.

You need to make room for the new things, Gemini.  The law of attraction will determine that everything you want will arrive if you are available for it. Don't keep anything that brings back bad memories, not even broken or deteriorated objects. Clean your environments and give light to your material life.


In the afternoon, the stars favor everything related to purification such as steam baths, skin cleansing, purification, masks, among other restorative practices. Don't miss the opportunity and try a clay and aloe vera mask. You will feel your skin fresh and clean.

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