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Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, March 30, 2021: Don't trust your luck

Luck has limits, so don't be overconfident. Think about the consequences of your actions before making a decision


Things aren't always as you wish, Gemini, sometimes you have to deal with unhappy situations in your environment that lead to an annoying mood.

Anger or irritability will result in an argument that you don't want to have, you'll have to contain the energy of Mars in your sign.

You live a different reality in your heart that isn't what you had imagined when you started a new cycle with your partner. That is why you could get angry after feeling that you have been disappointed by someone for whom you have given a lot.

If you're lonely, the stars foretell sexual encounters that could occur with people in your daily environment.

If you're tempted to get involved in an affair with your boss, think twice.


You could experience arguments with work partners or associates motivated by problems with money you have in common. Economy isn't an easy subject for you. You've worked hard and haven't been able to save as much as you thought you could. You'll be disappointed by the lack of material mobility.

The natives of your sign tend to enjoy diversity of thought and dissertations with ease which is why you'll enjoy holding creative meetings to generate changes in your professional world.

It isn't a good day to ask for a loan. Jupiter in good aspects to your Sun can lead you to have too much confidence in your luck. With this astral aspect, it's easy to fall into self-deception.


It's an ideal time to make an appointment with a good professional to help you to untangle some very annoying contractures. Look for a physiotherapist or masseuse.

The skin connects you with the people around you and massages bring to the surface all the tension and emotions that live inside you. A massage with bergamot or lavender oils will make you feel relaxed.

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