Gemini Horoscope Thursday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, July 30, 2020: Fantasies and romanticism

It will be a special day because of an astral configuration that won't be repeated for years


If you're in a relationship, perhaps it's time to take responsibility for some of your own problems.  The aspects of the Moon will confront you with much internal work to evaluate whether the changes you wish to make are motivated by fantasy or whether they coincide with genuine feelings. You must take into account the energy that is currently being given to the conjunction of Venus in your sign to the North Node. This won't happen again for many years and these are very positive astral movements for you.

If you are single, romanticism will be your calling card and will lead you to find the key to love, the stars show the possibility of meeting someone who falls madly in love with you, Gemini.


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During the course of the working day, you will find yourself wanting to act boldly and quickly. You may find yourself facing a person who has been deceitful in the past and you must subtly show him or her that you know everything about the situation. You will benefit from this.

If you start new projects or want to change your job, the stars show great possibilities of success for the natives of your sign.

Don't waste your energy on gossip and bad company within the professional field. You have a lot to do and you should concentrate on your objectives to reach them without so much effort.


If you've started medical or aesthetic treatment, Gemini, everything will go faster than you thought thanks to the astral configuration, especially if you belong to the third deanery.

Mental and psychic health will be under a process that asks for your attention and time. If you can take time out of your day to meditate and find your centre, that would be fantastic. In the silence will come many answers that suggest the best choices you can make at this time of life.