The Gemini sign surrounded by stars

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, January 30, 2021: You'll discover dark desires

Much astral activity in the sign of Taurus can bring great movements to your psyche


Have you seen love up close this season? Of all the signs, you're one of those who will have to make more effort this end of the month to take on the energy of Saturn that from Aquarius, a sign of the same element, Air, forces with its sober and forceful energy to take more responsibility for the commitments you make.

Choosing a path will be a priority. You won't be able to escape again as you have done in the past, on the contrary, not to decide is to let someone else decide or simply the destiny and that is no longer an option for the children of Mercury.

The stars with Lilith at the head in the sign of Taurus guide you to dive into your inner self and understand your secret motivations to discover what your sexual partner likes best.

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There's an energy that will lead you to seek ways to strengthen your economy, Gemini. It's not just about getting a job or getting a business but about changing the mentality into a way of seeing the world from abundance and continuous growth.

The lucky number for the children of the sign of the twins today is 99. This number refers to the need of your heart to put all the energy to work in the purpose of your soul to obtain motivating results and that they take you to carry out all your childhood dreams and hopes. You've been able to give your life a direction in the past and you can again experience this vibration of rapid advancement and material triumph.


Learning to respect your body's rhythms is essential to maintaining health. You must eat with tranquility in a harmonious and aesthetic climate. Remember that chewing is the first instance of your nutrition. Don't snatch it away.

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