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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

Feel the way you want to, Gemini


Gemini, you should feel happy about your efforts. When it comes to relationships, your attitude change is more than visible. You've lowered your barriers, and you're willing to open up.

Don't worry, Gemini. Even if you feel vulnerable at the moment, this is a huge step in your conquest of intimacy. You're on the right path.

You're fun and memorable. Forget about strategies and feel the way you want to. Remember that opening up about feelings never comes easy.

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The Daily Horoscope is shedding some light on you. In terms of fortune, your financial situation is gradually improving. Today your mind will be as crystal-clear as a fountain.

Use that giant thought storm to go through some of your old ideas. You can probably drop some weight, Gemini. With a clear mind, abundance will come your way.

Focus on the positive areas around you. After a while, your world will take a pink hue. Your reality will have shifted.


Your Horoscope foresees a quiet horizon ahead. Professionally speaking, threatening demands have made room for big, wide smiles. That's the effect of going on holiday.

All hostility has vanished into thin air. It's time to start over and forget about old fights, Gemini. Offer up your best professional self.

With effort on your side, the team will be stronger. Turn on your zen mode, smile softly, and forget about telling your team off. Welcome peace, however long it may last.


You're running the risk of losing your voice. Keep your tone under control. You can be persuasive without damaging your vocal cords.

Make up for the lack of decibels with intimidating glances, Gemini. Don't forget to protect your throat from the harm of aircon devices. A handkerchief at the ready in your bag will help you when you're in trouble.

A delicious warm cup of thyme and honey will do you good.