The sign of Gemini in half a purple circle

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, March 3, 2021: Thanks to your sensitivity you'll overcome a conflict

Today the stars invite you to pay more attention to romantic details and to the sensitivity of your partner


If arguments over material or economic issues have become commonplace in your relationship, this is a good day to sort out your emotions and understand that each of the conflicts you may have will have a way out sooner than you think, don't get discouraged and look for a favorable agreement.

If you're one of those natives who have been in a marital relationship for a long time, you may have suffered the influence of problems outside the relationship. The difficulties of everyday life may have tainted your capacity for love and understanding in the past.

Gemini, if you're one of those natives who are single, open your eyes, someone is waiting for your love. Perhaps not the type of person you would have imagined as your ideal one, however it's someone very loving who will help you mature and grow.

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Venus in Pisces will push you to seek creativity in the way you work and this change will bring extra profits, Gemini.  And most importantly, it will bring you harmony and balance within your professional environment. You'll have the affection and respect of bosses and the admiration of your peers or colleagues who will imitate many of your formulations.

The lucky number for Gemini sign natives for today is 17. This number associated with the tarot arcane "The Star" invites you to project your dreams with confidence, kindness and a creative sense that can open you to a more joyful and fun way of working.


The Moon in the sign of Scorpio could affect some Gemini natives in a detrimental way: digestive and intestinal problems.

If you're suffering from any ailment, your recovery will be according to your mood. Emotions can play a relevant role in your physical well-being this Wednesday.

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