The Gemini sign with a purple background

Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, December 3, 2020: Your ability to communicate is your magic key

Thanks to the help of your regent, Mercury, you discover the optimal way to negotiate your needs


The day has a special glow for Gemini natives who are in a relationship. New conversations strengthen the bond of the relationship and this is very important for many natives who feared a break-up.

The energy of Venus in excellent aspect to the Moon in Cancer will allow them to dream of a change in money or possession matters. Perhaps it's time to purchase a new vehicle or change the furniture in the room. Projecting this growth between the two of you, choosing colors or models can be a very positive activity for the relationship.

If you're single, Gemini, the stars recommend you to put aside negative thoughts. Love is coming into your life, you will attract a lot of satisfaction in the area of feelings and sensuality.

Try not to argue with your friends about political ideas. It will lead to nothing and you'll have a very bad time. Don't allow intellectual pride to destroy your relationships.

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Good luck is here to stay and everything is leading you in the right direction. Many of your affairs have improved in recent times.

When it comes to partnerships or collaborative work, you'll need to have important documentation at hand. You'll want to keep everything running smoothly and make progress that, although slow, is fulfilling its function within a plan.

It's important that you concentrate on your activities, if you're carrying them out in stages you lose your mental energy and the results are delayed.


If you are one of those natives who are always looking for excuses to start a change of routine, it's a good time to take strength and will from the stars. It's an excellent day to get organized and acquire new habits in your health care.  Remember that prevention is very important. Your habits mark your well-being more than you can imagine.

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