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Gemini, your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Reflect on the word that the cosmos is sending, Gemini


Gemini, your Horoscope suggests that you communicate your emotions. In the sentimental sphere, don't pretend that your spiritual emptiness is filled by others. The current transit of the stars, with Mercury in the house of Scorpio, facilitates dialogue and understanding.

Before asking your partner for accountability, you should ensure coherence between mind and heart, Gemini.

If you're single, stop to reflect on the relationship you're looking for. Keep in mind that no one will come to complete you, that's your task.

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Your path of learning is illuminated by the stars. When it comes to fortune, your mind is hungry for more, Gemini. There's no reason to stagnate.

Your sign rules lucid thinking. Don't let your well of knowledge run dry on this day. You have a to-do list.

The time has come to get moving. Learning a new language will give you an excellent boost. Remember that new skills will help you improve your financial future.


The Horoscope encourages you to sow new seeds. In the professional field, your soil is ready to be fertilized, Gemini. You have many summits to reach.

The attributes of your sign resist attachment. Geminian air will help you fly free. Connect your work efforts with the yearnings of your soul.

You have resources and the right support. When you feel the call of the universe, turn over a new leaf. Exciting opportunities will be waiting for you.

Reflect on this message from the Stars.


Gemini, you'll be inclined to tell fascinating stories today. Your friends will listen to you mesmerized. Create the perfect atmosphere for an intimate day in their company.

An evening at your home will offer you the opportunity to play host.


Today try a yoga or tai chi class. The gentle internal movement removes emotional blockages, Gemini. Allow your vital energy to run freely through your body.

Unleash your full potential. Do some inverted postures. Rest your legs on a wall to reactivate your circulation.

Your brain and heart will benefit from this wonderful practice.