The sign of Gemini with a purple starred background

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, November 29, 2020: You attract blessings when you are grateful

Sensitivity will lead you to modify some ways of seeing your emotional relationships


For this Sunday the stars encourage you to look for love in the eyes of the one you love and to leave aside all those problems that represent trivialities or topics of little importance and that nevertheless are in the middle of coexistence giving a bitter taste to that which should taste sweet in your lips.

You have a lot to thank life in matters of affection and  it's a good time to dedicate yourself to remember all the blessings you receive every day  regarding love and relationships.

For the natives who are still single, you'll have a beautiful conversation with someone close to them who knows how to say the exact words so you can understand an important topic.

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To avoid major problems, it's time to sit down and check out the accounts and expenses. Some natives will have to face tax or fiscal difficulties and therefore may feel the bitterness of having to face complex and excessive payments.

On the other hand, the natives of the first decan have the energetic assistance of Venus from the sign of Scorpio that eases the obtaining of new possibilities within the scope of employment or the performance of the profession.

The lucky number for the sign of Gemini for this Sunday is 22. This number will lead you to conquer through wisdom the abundance that you deserve to advance in your material life and not to worry about issues that today overwhelm you and do not allow you to remain in a more creative inner state.

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The astral configurations indicate a tendency to emotional difficulty typical of an inner physical and psychic cleansing process to receive the next full moon in your sign.

All emotions will be presented through images or dreams to be evaluated from a more conscious and realistic point of view.

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