Gemini Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, July 29, 2020: Your energy and confidence increase

You have a lot of energy available to go after your dreams without fear of failure or loss


The presence of the star king, the Sun, in your zodiacal zone of communication in good astral relations with Venus promises excellent conversations with someone you care about very much. Conversations that will touch your heart. It will be an unforgettable meeting of souls that will leave its mark on your romantic life.

Gemini, if you were in a situation of separation or perhaps you have fought in the last time and cannot find the way to find harmony, today you will manage to leave behind the bitter memories and you will modify your way of perceiving your love relationship.

The stars recommend you to do everything possible to fulfil your dreams without distractions or doubts. The moon entering the area of Sagittarius offers its willingness to achieve your deepest desires.

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Here comes the best news for the natives of your sign regarding economy and finances. The stars are coming together to benefit you. This is especially true for those Gemini natives born in the third deanery.

Mars from the sign of Aries stimulates work and increases your chances of material gain by directing your life towards your values and desires for fulfilment.

The natives of your sign are usually the soul of the work meetings, with their good ideas and the charming spark of their character, they are usually the hope and joy of their environment, they carry the flag of success and therefore become the target of criticism. Don't pay attention to these people who don't help and are always willing to identify your mistakes.

If you're having difficulties at the moment, friends or business partners will come to you with solutions.


If you're one of those natives who is suffering from an illness, trust that health will soon be restored. The astral energies are very beneficial to you, Gemini.