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Gemini Horoscope - Friday, January 29, 2021: Enjoy family life

Be lovable with your relatives and try to understand the family history


For this last Friday of the first month of the year, the stars incline you to live with joy the issues related to family life, Gemini.

You'll have to prepare yourself to share with the extended family a meeting that may not be entirely happy but that will lead you to a better understanding of the family history. 

Of all the signs you're among the most favored this Saturday in emotional matters. The influence of Jupiter in Aquarius will align with the Moon Node in your sign and allows you to establish a new way of facing your love life. 

Knowing the stories of the family of origin, the sufferings, loves and battles of their lives will give you much material to grow internally. 

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This Friday, the stars are part of an alignment that shows little energy available for work and professional affairs.  

Life will present itself differently and from a philosophical point of view, you'll begin to think about your professional issues with another, deeper look. You may be inclined to learn more ecological work techniques that take care of the environment in all its forms and understand that the planet is your home and you need to change certain consumption habits so that you don't feel responsible for being part of a system that doesn't take care of life on Earth. 

Your vision will be very inspiring for other people around you who want to collaborate with your ideas. 

Your ruling planet, Mercury, continues to be retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, so this is a good time to study action plans. 


You'll feel very good throughout the day. Cosmic energy illuminates you and fills your heart with vitality. You'll discover that when you take care of your diet you'll feel more agile and light, so you'll want to establish a routine in which the preparation of your own food will be paramount.

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