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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Monday, August 29th, 2022

Express your full-on truth, Gemini


Gemini, you should be trying to get fully involved. In relationships, your ambiguity makes your partners crazy. You say black, but then you go and do white.

It isn't easy to predict your intentions, Gemini. You can't avoid it because you're under the influence of your inner twins.

Let the world know you closely; you've got a magical engulfing world. Open the doors of the Gemini garden to those you consider special. Love will help you find the Holy Grail.

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The Daily Horoscope points to your mind as the solution to your issues. Financially speaking, you shouldn't expect it all to work from the get-go. Today you should use your persuasive resources.

You'll be facing a tough competitor. Don't dare hesitate, Gemini. Negotiations are your strong suit.

Pull on your poker face, and don't give in a single inch. You've got it under control; you're just like the pied piper from Hamelin. You hypnotize your audience with your words.


Your Horoscope encourages you to manage your emotions. When you're at work, don't reveal your Achilles' heel. Keep personal issues to yourself today.

Some colleagues could come along and try to make you budge. You have to resist their flattery, Gemini. Information is indeed a source of power.

Don't hand your enemies the weapons to destroy you. As drastic as that sounds, you have to call on your sense of caution. Stay calm and keep a cool mind, and don't let them throw you off.


Avoid getting obsessed or frustrated. Today's challenges will throw you off the rocks. You need to unlock your energy.

Gemini, go back to your core through breathing. Air is the ruling element of your sign. Balance out your inner currents to balance your subtle body too, the prana.

Purify your throat with herbal teas. Try doing rituals to cleanse your lungs. Nature is more than delighted to open doors for you.