Gemini Horoscope Saturday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, August 29, 2020: Take care of your skin and your soul

The worries that Saturn brings to your romantic life will overshadow your festive and fun nature


The Moon joins the rigid Saturn and therefore jealousy and judgments about what those around you should do can make your day very uncomfortable or upsetting. You will want to get close to your partner but you will be very upset by what they think about matters concerning the family economy or the way they use their resources. Even if it's their personal time, you may feel that you deserve to have them spend it with you instead of others.

The natives of your sign, Gemini, are usually carefree when it comes to their partners' responsibilities and money, but on this occasion, a rigid and unpleasant astral energy may expose you to some childish complex of which you're not aware.

Those natives who are single will suffer from loneliness and they will feel unhealthy envy of other people's happiness. It's a day of sour energies that will soon end.

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The good relationship between the Moon and Venus will be an astrological condition that benefits the natives of the sign of the twins in everything related to money and profits, especially for those who work in matters related to female consumption, aesthetics, fashion and also for those who work in the field of food.

Profits are available as long as you acknowledge the possibilities you have at hand, Gemini.  You will be able to feel proud of how well you manage your affairs and you will be an example and a stimulating vision for many of those around you

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