Gemini Sunday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, February 28, 2021: Peace returns

You have the energetic protection of Jupiter, which imbues you with the favors of good fortune


This Sunday the stars will be very harmonious with the Gemini natives who are married and have formed a family. The Sun and the Moon are in opposition aspect after the full moon, the energy begins to calm down and you'll be able to establish an order within the family that will produce a very pleasant awareness of love and companionship.

It will be a more peaceful day than you expected. The people around you will teach you the power of patience and order and for this, you'll be very grateful.

The stars protect you and help you to mature in many aspects, you'll feel that as you can make some changes you grow and your relationships grow with you.

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If you're one of those fortunate enough to be able to take a day off today, ideally you shouldn't think about professional matters but you should rest to recharge your batteries and start the new weekly cycle with all the good vibes that come from enjoying a few moments of leisure. The good tendency produced by the influence of Jupiter in good aspect to your Sun helps you to have some luck in small material matters.

The lucky number for this Sunday for the children of the sign of the twins is 6. This number is very attuned to your energy and describes doubt in the face of two options. You'll feel that both can be favorable and therefore, it will be difficult at the time of choosing. Sleep on it, when you wake up you'll know the right answer.


If you have gone through times of stress, arguments and anguish, your body may have registered the wear and tear of these types of scenes. You should balance your diet and eat foods rich in minerals.

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