The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, December 28, 2020: You'll feel extremely happy

Find out what is the lucky number for the Gemini natives for today


The Moon is in your sign in conjunction with the North Node and this translates into a great reward for the natives of your sign. This astral benefit will be especially influential in the lives of the natives of the second decan.

Many will receive the news they have been waiting for. The declaration of love that they wished for, the longed-for request of marriage or the positive result of a pregnancy test are some of the forms that this astral aspect can take. But it could just be the arrival of the energy of love and affection that will appease your soul and leave better conditions to your affective life.

Venus in the sign of Sagittarius will lead you to give value to all those subjects that concern your past feelings.

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Money matters are moving forward as well. If you're part of a partnership, you'll make a profit from your partner's action. You may feel obligated to the same achievements, but it doesn't work like that, each one does a part of the work and together you achieve success for both of you.

The lucky number for this Monday for the children of Mercury is 10. This number will connect you to the creative capacity to open a new cycle in your material or professional life. You'll flow with the joy of knowing that you're the creator of your destiny. Don't be paralyzed if things aren't as you expected. Manifest your flexibility.


Today, the natives of the sign of Gemini will enjoy physical and emotional well-being.  Sustaining this inner state will be very simple. You just have to rest enough and stay hydrated.

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