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Your Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Sunday, August 28th, 2022

Gemini, think about the special souls you'll let slide


Gemini, your Horoscope calls on responsibility. In relationships, you should start developing emotional maturity. You're terrified of commitment, and you tend to get bored easily.

Try experiencing relationships from a closer standpoint. How many special souls will you let slide? Your luck won't last forever.

When it comes to love, follow your own pace, but don't get stuck either. Your partner wants more than Netflix and chill, so find your own kind of intimacy. Start with an affectionate look and honest words.

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The Stars encourage you to be more sensible. In terms of fortune, your finances are starting to go up. Under the influence of the Virgo season, you'll become a little more pragmatic as well.

It's time to make your ideas land and plant new seeds. Earth awaits you and your touch, Gemini.

Claim your intentions and walk around barefoot in the grass. This symbolic action will open an auspicious doorway. The universe will read your signs and rejoice in your progress. Dare to leave your mark.


Your Horoscope advises that you watch your back. Around the workplace, there could be colleagues of yours going too far. You've seen unethical behavior going on, and you're staying on alert mode.

Don't let them get too close to your work. Protect the result of your efforts, Gemini. Don't feel bad about being mistrusting; if your body is talking, listen to the intuition coming from it.

Your inner self can never trick you. Try not to look too suspicious; it could very well be a false alarm.


Today you're at peace with the world. Your body and mind found inner balance. You feel an enormous amount of emotional well-being.

Share your harmonious state openly. Your words or artistic expressions will inspire those around you, Gemini. You're as close to enlightenment as a Buddha.

The world is smiling down on you, and you're smiling back.