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Gemini, your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Soothe your spirit, Gemini


Gemini, the Horoscope announces you'll be disappointed. In the sentimental sphere, this day you will know your own medicine. You're under a powerful spell, the reason?

Playing cat and mouse. That individual who captivates you leaves you yearning for more and then ignores you. The goal is to trap you in their spider's web.

Realize the uncertainty this provokes. You're at the mercy of their will. True love isn't born of twisted ruses, Gemini.

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The Horoscope says the astral transit is optimal to move forward. As far as fortune is concerned, the sky gives you the green light, Gemini. Your projects will have the support of the universe.

You'll have to count on the help of several contacts. Show you have a good eye. Negative speeches could be very detrimental to your business.

Stay away from talebearers. Cowards console themselves by criticizing what they don't dare to carry out. This day listen only to your inner voice


Your Horoscope advises you to avoid hard feelings. In the professional field, don't get into trouble. On this day keeping a low profile will be your best strategy.

You're very self-confident and envy is lurking, Gemini. Take a few steps back and make them believe they got away with it. They've underestimated your most powerful weapon: the mind.

You'll have them dancing to your tune whenever you want them to. Be cautious and don't show your emotions.  Stick to your purpose.


Gemini, today several friends don't understand the cunning game you play.  Behave humbly and don't pretend to be better than others.

You may impress some, but not your true mates.


This day you'll feel depressed, Gemini. Pretending that letdowns don't affect you is a misguided move. When you get home,  it's time to take off your mask.

Heal your soul  by shedding a few tears. Remember that human beings act according to their nature. Learn an important life lesson: Don't take a thing personally.

Breathe deeply and calm your heart.