Gemini Horoscope Friday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, November 27, 2020: You'll live the consequences of passion

Many Gemini natives will have to balance passion and sensuality with jealousy and its consequences


For this last Friday of the month, the stars guarantee the natives of the Gemini sign controversial scenes of passion. The Moon joins Lilith and attracts the romantic life of many natives in high voltage scenes. Jealousy could add to the party and end up being a bad idea to have left home.

Many natives will find themselves remembering old times when their behavior was more than impertinent within a relationship. Letting yourself be carried away by a feeling of guilt or remorse wouldn't be the best solution for the damage you have caused to others, Gemini, the best thing you can do is understand the reasons that led you to it.

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It's an intense working day for those natives who are in a relationship of employment. There's a lot of movement and the stars drive to be recognized for your skills.

Venus in your job and routine area favors being the center of attention: all eyes will be on you on this special Friday, you're the center of attention for being the owner of great professional virtues. Don't let personal pride drive you to lose focus on what is truly important.

Regarding the financial situation of the Gemini natives, it's important not to be tempted to consume objects that are not indispensable. You're living in a very tight moment and you must learn to measure your expenses.

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This Friday, your health will depend largely on your emotional attitude to the situations that life is manifesting. You're facing a time of transition that requires personal care. Resting and feeding yourself with love will give you the energy you need to keep going through the changes. You're very adaptable and therefore it will be easier for you than for other signs of the zodiac.