Gemini Saturday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, March 27, 2021: Fortune and happiness

Don't miss this opportunity! The good star influences you with its light and fills your reality with blessings


There will be good news from family members, Gemini. The Moon in Virgo is still opposite your regent, Mercury, and this could affect your intimate life. There's no need for news to be bad in order for it not to affect your mood. You'll feel anxious due to the energetic manifestation of the people around you. 

Regarding love relationships, there's excellent news: the stars bring bright and joyful moments. You'll feel confident to take an important step in your relationship. 

You'll have the ability today to express the love that you feel. It's a perfect day to spend a relaxing day with friends or close family members. 


You'll have a good head for numbers. Business deals that come up this Saturday can pay off big in the future. Many things you have in hand will turn out as you had dreamed, although everything seems to go at a slower pace than you would like it to.

You'll be attentive to details and will strive to be austere even though there will be many temptations throughout this Saturday,

All your professional and economic activities during this day have the protection of the largest and most beneficial planet in our solar system, Jupiter, in good aspect to your Sun. This is a very lucky time for the natives of your sign.


Binge eating is harmful to health in the short and long term, Gemini. Gluttony can be a manifestation of anxiety and exaggeration typical of current planetary aspects. Anxiety and nervousness could be managed by practicing some sport. Outdoor activities and the intake of nuts, whole grains and vegetables will favor your well-being.

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