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Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, January 27, 2021: You'll feel blessed by good energy

In your soul you vibrate with the joy of feeling in harmony. Everything seems to conspire in your favor


The calm of your heart infects those around you day by day with its favorable energy and this good vibration guarantees the growth of all relationships.

Gemini, if you're within a marriage bond many of the roughness of the past can be erased thanks to the astral arrangement of this Wednesday. Your words, your luminous aura, and the love that flows from within you are coupled with the love of your partner to achieve many of their dreams together.

For many natives of the sign of the twins, sexuality will enjoy the luminous rays of Venus that continue in the sign giving a few flashes of shared love and desire. The intensity of the conjunction of this planet to Pluto can result in jealousy and complex situations for some natives who have that tendency in their personality.

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You'll experience a gradual expansion in your material affairs in the next few days and this will be an opportunity to lay the foundations of a business or project that you have been building in your mind for a long time. The desire to grow has been crushed by circumstances beyond your control in the past and therefore, fear can take over if you don't trust your inner strength and good luck. 

Joining others who are taking a similar step to yours on the path to professional autonomy will be fantastic.  Helping to be helped will be the main motto of today in which you'll have fun working and cooperating with your peers.


An appointment with your family doctor would reassure you if you feel something is not going well. If you suffer from any ailment, the main thing is to calm down and make sure that you are prescribed a good treatment.

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