Gemini Saturday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, February 27, 2021: The full moon complicates matters

Problems within the home could be part of a restrictive mood generated by the full moon


Home can become a complicated place. A feeling of overwhelm and boredom will take over your heart and lead you to manifest your discomfort. Talking about your emotions and feelings won't do you any good this Saturday; on the contrary, others' interpretation of your words could fill your heart with bitterness.

Those who live with you or spend time with you will be distant and fussy. The truth of everyone's ability to live together will be tested in simple everyday matters and you'll have to make an effort not to fall into unpleasant or negative attitudes.

Gemini, if you're single, today, you're close to a person you find very pleasant and with whom you would like to start a relationship. This person might be linked to your close environment.

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Thanks to the support you receive from people linked to your professional world, you'll make progress in certain matters that worried you and didn't allow you to rest.

The environment couldn't be favorable for certain financial actions that require security and stability, however, don't lose hope because the ideal client could appear.

If you need money, it's a good day to ask for help from a family member or relative that you know can help you easily right now.

The stars are challenging for those younger natives who are starting an independent life. They'll have to make many efforts to achieve stability.


For this Saturday, the health of Gemini natives will be very good as long as they know how to keep a moderate attitude towards all things. Exaggeration and overconfidence could lead them to practices that put their health at risk.

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