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Gemini, your Daily Horoscope for Monday, September 26th, 2022

Gemini, you need to communicate with those around you


Gemini, the Horoscope portends a strange mood. In the sentimental sphere, you find it difficult to process your emotions causing you some discomfort. You feel sad and sullen.

You can't identify the reason for this state of mind. Don't rush. If you need space, take some time to reflect.

Don't be forced to please your partner. Your zodiac sign doesn't make it easy for you. You show a multi-faceted and colorful personality.

Consider working with a life coach to help you untangle your feelings, Gemini.

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Motivate yourself with new projects  today. In terms of fortune, Mercury in conjunction with Venus in Virgo will allow you to get back old propositions.

A counterpart from the past will be happy to support your ideas, Gemini. This unlikely partnership will result in an indestructible tandem. Success is assured.

Come on, don't deprive the world of your unprecedented vision since you have much for others to offer. Tap into the resources of your prodigious mind and... Voilà!


The Horoscope comes to entrust you with a mission. In the professional field, your temperance will manage to appease the wolves. It will be a day of mixed feelings, with conflicting opinions.

Mercury will provide you with the right words to relax the atmosphere. Your serenity conveys confidence, Gemini. Don't let yourself be led by the events.

Today isn't the right time to show your true colors. Allow the dust to settle. Your moment will soon arise.

Your mind is powerful and relentless.


Gemini, on this day you should simply have a chat with your friends instead of playing cards or chess. Your mental agility doesn't offer others the slightest chance.

Strutting around won't contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere.


Watch your weight, Gemini. One thing is to be in shape and another is extreme thinness. A good walk will whet your appetite.

Avoid eating any junk and eat foods that are beneficial to your health. Discard sugary and fizzy drinks, and drink water or natural juice. Remember you're what you eat.

Build your healthiest version.