Gemini Horoscope Monday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, October 26, 2020: Good mood will be essential today

It's all about taking the opportunity that comes along even if it's not what you dreamed of


The week starts with some issues that will need Gemini's attention. Especially those from the first decan will feel that the in-laws may be interfering in your relationship, and you'll want to keep some distance from unnecessary gossip and criticism.

Of all the signs, Gemini, you're one of the most disadvantaged this Monday. The astral energy doesn't help you to feel peace in your mind. The various situations that arise in your daily world are unhappy and lead you to suffer discomfort in silence. It isn't a good time to express yourself, but on the contrary, maintaining a strategic silence can help you find a positive way out of so much conflict.

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In the workplace, you're likely to encounter opposition from some colleagues who don't want to follow your methods and prefer more traditional ways of achieving their goals. You have expressed through emails and conversations in meetings your vision of a subject that seems to interest no one and that is why you'll feel overwhelmed and perhaps a little disappointed. You thought it was the best option and yet it has been ignored.

Economically,  many natives are going through a time of difficulty that isn't as bad as they think. It's all about taking the opportunity that comes along even if it's not what you dreamed of.

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An ailment could lead to a visit to a specialist. Fear of the disease could make many natives' spirits drop. A good disposition will be very important if you want to face a problem and come out undefeated.

Most of the day could be spent ruminating on negative thoughts that only bring sadness and despair. Focus your mind on positive memories and images that encourage you to live in joy.

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