Gemini Friday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, March 26, 2021: You'll want more freedom

Today you'll probably have to negotiate the limits and conditions of coexistence with those closest to you


The home or family could be a source of demanding action on your part. You may want to put an end to a situation that has been deteriorating close relationships for some time. You may need to close some doors before certain deals or requests continue to be abusive or confusing.

Younger natives will feel that a cycle of dependence on parents or grandparents is coming to an end and that it's time to search for their own life experience. You'll enjoy planning the steps to take to begin a new, more independent life without having to enter into conflict situations with your elders.

Those Gemini natives who are taking care of young children may be inclined to be a little more rigid in their upbringing.


This isn't a good time to ask for a raise in your salary or to increase the prices of the services you provide. 

Today you shouldn't take any initiative or make drastic changes in your economic life, especially if you belong to the second decan.

You'll have a lot of activity in social media or you may simply have to do too many things that can generate irritability or nervousness. Try not to generate conflicts with the people you work with.

Your ability to do business is reinforced by the good aspect of Venus to your Sun. You could be a sales ace thanks to your tendency to socialize.


You feel full of energy thanks to the reception of Mars in your sign. It will be a busy day. You'll feel great, but it will be very good for your body if you take some time to relax. Perhaps watch a good movie or read an interesting book. If you feel that you're too demanding, try to find support from someone else. It will relieve you of extra stress.

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