Gemini Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Gemini, stop daydreaming about the future


Gemini, your Horoscope will make you feel bittersweet today. In relationships, you usually fly away with the wind, but you should settle down for good. You miss having true affection, but you don't let growth come around; it's time to fight your volatile personality.

You should stay in the relationship long enough to quietly enjoy your rewards. You tend to get distracted easily. You should manifest your intentions today, and write down your feelings on a piece of paper; remember your wishes and desires every morning.

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Gemini, the Stars foresee obstacles ahead; when it comes to money, the universe will force you to slow down. You shouldn't worry too much, this is just a temporary delay. Face your financial situation objectively, and stop daydreaming about a gleaming future.

Use this energy to be creative in the present, and watch out for impulsive expenses. If you're looking for work, there are good perspectives ahead of you. You can stand out above the crowd, and your CV will be at the top of the job application pile.


Gemini, your Horoscope advises that you show your best version. Today, your social skills around work will be put to the test, and they will be decisive for you to achieve important goals or not. Don't get ambushed by the pressure at work, and take deep breaths to communicate openly and clearly.

A new cycle is starting, and business meetings and lunches will be essential; take them as a chance to create work connections. Don't let your motivation go down, and offer to teach a workshop on your field of expertise. Your proposal will be more than welcome.


Gemini, be flexible to bear the brunt of the world's anger. Today you should make rest a priority. This way, you won't be frustrated or upset when aggravation comes. Learn to take deep, long breaths. Inhale by relaxing your belly, just like babies do. Make your physical and emotional well-being your priorities. A spa session would do wonders. You keep living on looking towards the outside. You should see your inner self more often.