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Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, January 26, 2021: Your ingenuity discovers the solution to a problem

In all areas of life come incredible surprises to start a new stage


The stars indicate wonderful energy for the romantic affairs of the natives of the sign of Gemini this Tuesday 26th.

You'll find a fairy tale situation that will present itself in a surprising way at home. A gift from destiny could be given by a person in the family circle who easily resolves a conflict between relatives. Perhaps a mother-in-law will be the star of the day. Someone from whom you would have expected nothing more than mistrust gives you a treasure.

If you're single, taking into account the details of the past will lead you to grow in the present in a relationship that is just beginning. If you have just met someone you like, be cautious and sincere. Fear of commitment could cause you to miss the opportunity to feel the love within your heart like never before.

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Fears are cleared away and give way to determined action that will lead you to resolve any issues that were delayed by the energy of doubt and distortion given by the tangle of thoughts around you.

The stars will impel you to look for new exits to the same everyday problems  but this time it will be different because the aid of Saturn in Aquarius will help you to focus on discipline and capacity of sacrifice in pursuit of your desires. Today you'll have a revelation from someone in the professional environment who will unwittingly provide you with important information. You'll know where to go at the most appropriate time to enhance your position and prestige.


Gemini, the astral influence will bring discomfort in the abdominal area, digestive pain, inflammation, or indigestion that will lead to think about a change in diet or eating habits. Perhaps it's an intolerance that you should discover under the advice and guidance of your family doctor.

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