Gemini Friday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Friday, February 26, 2021: Share your feelings

The position of the stars shows that you're in a good moment to make a positive turnaround in your finances


The loving nature of the natives of your sign finds a space to unfold with ease within the family this last Friday of February.

The Moon and Venus are positioned in such a way that you'll feel pressured by family issues to let your personal desires for growth take a back seat. You'd like to realize some of your small dreams and you perceive opposition from those who should support you. This aspect, which will last only this day, will especially influence the natives of the first decan.

Regarding the romantic affairs of the natives of the sign of Gemini, the stars encourage you to share your emotions without exaggeration, showing a measured and restrained view of your desires in order to achieve understanding.

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The time has come to set your visions on a concrete objective and it won't be easy for your competitors to deviate from it, Gemini. Your will is reinforced by the astral master, Saturn, who supports with its energy everything related to maintaining constancy and effort over time.

You have been working for a long time to maintain a financial position and you won't let yourself go to ruin for anything in the world.

The lucky number for natives of the sign of the twins for today is 21. This number advises you to seek the good in all things, so you'll appreciate what you have. It represents the culmination of your efforts and the transformation of the energy of work into specific results.


According to the astral positions your health is very good, you'll feel good although you may find it a little difficult to maintain mental concentration. A tendency to get carried away by unimportant details will distract you from your real obligations.

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