The Gemini sign surrounded by stars

Gemini Horoscope - Saturday, December 26, 2020: You'll give your love without limits

Life doesn't always manifest itself as you imagine it, surprises are yet to come...


The Moon will enter your sign today and therefore the sensitivity of your soul will be extreme. No one will be able to see the same way you see reality because you're going through a time of emotional insecurity that fortunately won't last long.

Any word can make you feel weak or vulnerable, you wish the world was softer and more sensitive to you and you may not find an echo in others.

You need to get back to your center, Gemini.  You can't possibly let yourself be carried away by the astral energies like a kite by the wind. Observe your loved ones with love and without so many fantasies.

Single natives will face the fear of reliving the sorrows they have lived through in the past. None of this will happen again if you're attentive to the signals sent by the Universe.

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The stars indicate a moment of difficulty that inclines you to see everything with the lens of despair. Many people are living your situation in terms of work and finances, Gemini. You aren't unique in your suffering and you should focus your attention on being more grateful to life to open the flow of abundance in your personal world.

One expense can put you in a vulnerable position.  You may need someone you love to help you with a loan. But you shouldn't grieve over this in less time than you imagine you'll be able to pay back every penny. This is a temporary situation.


Taking care of your health is not something you can do intermittently. Well-being is achieved with small gestures every day.

The stress you experience every day wreaks havoc on your health even if you refuse to see it. Begin to love yourself more and focus your attention on your priorities rather than on those around you.

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