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Gemini, your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

You'd better try hard to be consistent with your ideas, Gemini


Gemini, your Horoscope today augurs an intense day. In the sentimental sphere, the conjunction of the New Moon in Scorpio with a partial solar eclipse will put the focus on matters to improve. The relentlessness of the moon will make you feel very uncomfortable.

Its light will cast impertinent questions on you. How long do you plan to behave like this?

Your coldness closes you like a block of ice unless you think it's time to get to be noticed. Today try to put order between the Geminian twins.

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Today the Stars foretell the repercussions of your actions. As far as money is concerned, think carefully about the steps to take. The astrological outlook won't make you indifferent.

This particular lunation in Scorpio will mix emotions with thoughts. Discern properly, Gemini. Your personality is inclined to split.

You can't change your mind to please others. Sit down to take complicated decisions. Above all, be consistent with your ideas.

The lunar halo will haunt you in your dreams.


The Horoscope holds enormous potential. In the professional arena, quicksand is your territory. While others are anxious, you weather the storm with grace.

The transit of the stars shows a fascinating configuration. Powerful and full of contradictions, Gemini. Its attributes serve as a mirror to your air characteristics.

You can survive this uneasiness. Look into your soul without fear, what do you see? On this day, avoid making significant life choices.

There's too much confusion in the atmosphere.


Gemini, today isn't an easy day to make new friends. For that very reason, you'll meet fascinating individuals. You can't help but stand on your head.

You love to sail against the tide. Beware of falsehoods and duplicity. The Stars have already warned you.


It's time to show your inner strength, Gemini. Your mental health will be challenged. Show what you're made of and don't fall apart.

You move like no one else through the land of inconsistency. Connect with your core. Your breaths will serve as an anchor.

Don't engage in stupid provocations. Whatever happens, don't lose focus.