The Gemini sign

Gemini Horoscope - Monday, January 25, 2021: Emotional shelters provide protection

The real refuge is next to those you love, the closest and dearest who take care of you every day


The Moon already in the sign of Cancer will impel you to look for a refuge for the soul within the most intimate scopes, the home, the house of the ancestors or the good company of a dear friend can be the best effective option for many natives of the sign of Gemini this Monday.

Your anxiety to discover the future of your affective life can lead you to trust unscrupulous people who will try to take money from you in exchange for information that isn't true or reliable. Imagine if you propose not to know what will happen in an instant, if you dare to open yourself to destiny and receive with freshness the surprises it offers you.

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Feed your enthusiasm and seek to perform your tasks in the most optimistic and joyful way you can. The environment may not be compatible with your energy needs; on the contrary, the climate is likely to be difficult to cope with. You'll feel very much in demand by the circumstances.

If you're unemployed, it's a good day to look for an opportunity in areas related to your studies, Gemini. Searching in other areas could be frustrating and negative. If you trust your luck this Monday it will lead to the long-awaited success.

Si estás sin empleo es un buen día para dirigirte en busca de una oportunidad en áreas relacionadas con tus estudios, Géminis. Buscar en otros ámbitos podría resultar frustrante y negativo. Confiar en tu suerte en este lunes llevará al éxito tan esperado.


For this Monday, the stars indicate the imperative need to put a stop to the nervous tension and worries and begin to give you room to enjoy what really matters, such as joy, laughter, and harmony in the heart. You may have been struggling for a long time with situations that have no solution. Being stubborn can be good as long as it doesn't destroy your health.

Begin to change your mental patterns before you reach extremes where your body's symptoms get your attention.

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