Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, February 25, 2021: A relationship is about to begin

Trust in destiny, free your mind from worrisome thoughts that only drain your energy


Today the Moon in the sign of Leo opposes your ruler, Mercury, which is in good aspect to your Sun in the sign of Air, Aquarius, giving the possibility of facing situations that demand your attention on family matters.

Perhaps someone younger is waiting for your help in resolving a delicate issue. Putting yourself at their disposal will give them peace of mind and help them find a quick way out.

If you're single, leave home as soon as possible, Gemini.  Love is very close, waiting for you. Meeting different people and connecting with different groups of friends will lead you to meet someone with the potential to be your ideal partner.

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In the area corresponding to the sign of Aquarius, there's a very favorable movement for the natives of your sign that you shouldn't miss. Use these astral effluvia to your advantage because they won't be so intense for a few years.

The progress is appreciated from all areas, you could start a new career or professional training studies.  You'll feel great satisfaction and you'll learn a lot. Furthermore, staying positive by carrying out your actions with optimistic and hopeful thinking will change the course of your personal history.

The lucky number for this Thursday for Mercury's children is 1212. This double vibrational number shows you that today you can capture the energy of the Cosmos to your advantage, so it will be essential for you to keep your vibration bright and friendly.


The stars favor you. Restoring your health won't be a problem if you're going through some inconvenience. The vitality you enjoy this Thursday will allow you to have a very productive and harmonious day.

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