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Daily Horoscope for Gemini for Thursday, August 25th, 2022

Protect your aura with pink quartz or amethyst, Gemini


Gemini, today you should be alert. In relationships, toxic energy is starting to flourish around you. The light you shed is a dinner bell for those who feel empty inside.

Make sure you're protected. Don't let dysfunctional relationships ruin you. Increase your awareness and presence state, and get the alarms going.

Avoid gossip or criticism. Run away from lamentation, energy vampires are behind you. Today you should protect your aura with some pink quartz or amethyst.

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Gemini, the planets foresee a strike of good luck. When it comes to money, the wheel of fortune is spinning in your direction. Hop on it to gain momentum.

Open your eyes nice and wide. Get ready to take the chances that pop up along the way. Interacting with strangers today will bring a message from the Stars.

You've got a brilliant intellect. Learn to read between the lines. Prosperity is floating around you, so don't let it get away.


The Daily Horoscope will be your greatest source of support, Gemini. When it comes to working, this will be a highly productive day. Communication is your best asset.

But watch out, because assets can be a double-edged sword. The setting of Mercury over Libra will help you express yourself politely. Talk once, listen twice, and keep your tone soothing. 

You'll make a great impression with your composure and dignity. Don't get distracted, go to the point and defend your ideas. This interaction will be the birthplace of delicious rewards.


Watch your diet closely today. It's as if you're feeding on air. Make sure you have enough protein and minerals in your body.

Don't turn down the idea of vitamin supplements if you see your strength falter. Don't let your mental performance pay the price. Your mind is your main tool and ally.

Nuts or fish will help you perfect your performance. Don't forget to exercise too, Gemini.