Gemini Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, August 25, 2020: Don't let jealousy cloud your reason

Encouraging new ways of bonding will open a new chapter in your life as a couple


If you're one of those natives who are still single, there is favourable news for you, Gemini, thanks to the Moon in the complementary opposite sign, Sagittarius, which will give a brilliant boost to your romantic life. You will live a happy day with high feelings of empathy and happiness.

If you're in a relationship you will have to deal with jealousy and the feeling of disaffection that your better half will provoke: it's time to allow some fresh air into your relationship.

You have had some responsibility in some problematic situations that today become sour moments. Once you find the answer to your doubts in your heart you will feel relief. If you relax you will have what you want from your partner. Humility and the ability to recognize your mistakes have much more value than you imagine.

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An object that seems to be totally useless could come into your hands and end up giving great satisfaction in terms of your material life. Money doesn't always arrive in the way you dreamed of; it's necessary to begin to vibrate in another symphony in order to have new results.

An idea that comes to your mind today may become the starting point of a project that fills you with joy and positive emotions while giving you extra money.

Today there are positive planetary aspects to your economic life that you shouldn't let go of. Pay attention to the messages from your subconscious.

Vibrate in unison with the abundance that exists in nature, Gemini. Observe inspiring images to meditate and form a new consciousness. It will help you integrate abundance into your mind.

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You could be one of those natives who suffer from pain in their neck or back joints. This Tuesday, positive influences from the stars are coming to you. The alignments will help you to improve your symptoms.

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