Gemini Wednesday on a night sky background

Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, March 24, 2021: Passing clouds

Today melancholy will invade you, your emotional life won't be pleasant and it will be work that will save your spirits


Life isn't the same when you are away from your love, Gemini. Happy moments are treasured in your mind and it seems that the day won't be as pleasant as expected because you feel lonely.

Today everything seems to be a bit depressing or dark at the beginning of the day, but it isn't something that has its reflection in reality. You could be affected by some melancholic energy, the fruit of the opposition between the Moon in Leo and Saturn.

You'd like to continue in the fantastic frequency in which you were vibrating until a few days ago, your playful and optimistic nature doesn't resonate with the coldness and seriousness of the planet of limits and maturity, on the contrary, it's antagonistic. Integrating this energy will be critical for the coming months. You may require a personal analysis of the way you tolerate frustrations and accept responsibilities that have to do with your loved ones.


The Moon in the sign of Leo could influence your work relationships in a negative way. The way you express yourself is not always pleasant for some people who tend to keep their distance and be measured in their expressions.

The good news is that you'll achieve some of your goals today. It's a perfect day to train discipline and acquire a greater ability for work.

The stars add perseverance, ambition and strength to carry out the most difficult tasks without complaints or discouragement.

You'll follow your goals with unmatched passion and you'll feel full and happy to be fulfilling the various responsibilities that life offers you.


Your well-being will have a fluctuating tone. If you keep yourself entertained you feel better than if you are inactive.  The best thing to do in these cases is to organize your schedule for the day and keep yourself busy.

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