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Gemini Daily Horoscope for Friday, June 24, 2022

Gemini, let your temper flow


Gemini, today try to be more mature. You give in to temporary pleasures when it comes to love. Today, the Stars encourage you to explore the different shades of romance. Allow true emotions to come through over time. Your short-term attitude stops you from meeting soulmates. You won't find any company that way.

Connections take time to grow. Today you will find endless bliss. Share your intentions, no matter what they are; honesty will free your shoulders.


Gemini, don't fall after tripping; if a project fell through financially, you weren't meant to be there, so don't feel blue. Today, you should use your mental resources, to be able to move on. Be witty and act smart.

When you're in the world, empathy is the way to go,  because they will come to love you. To win in the business world, you should be fun and friendly instead of just funny. Let your temper flow smoothly, and you'll break free from barriers.


Your Horoscope for today advises that you stay true to yourself. If you lose your individualism, you lose it all, so don't get involved in projects that clash with your values. If you don't feel it, stop in your tracks.

Honor your inner self in every area. You can never be happy by being submissive. Take a deep breath before you act, there are hard choices out there,Gemini.


Gemini, choose to be polite in your private sphere. Your honesty could be hurtful to some around you. You're completely transparent. There's no need to go into detail. Be tactful, and keep your intentions sweet. There are times when words are unnecessary. Offer a shoulder to cry on. Don't interfere too much. Allow situations to sort themselves out.    

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